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Spit it out.

He probably doesn't care about what you think, but I do. HMD it up!

Anon on, IP off. You know the drill.
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I didn't want to post this on the OOC comm's HMD because I feel weird only making one comment on it since I don't have the sort of broad range CR wise right now to comment on everyone's characters over there, so I just wanted to drop by here instead - I hope you don't mind!

I've never seen any episode of Hetalia or read the manga or anything like that, so I'm probably not the best person to be doling out opinions on the matter but I LOVE YOUR CHARACTER HIS AND EAMES' THREADS MAKE ME SO HAPPY and I hope we get a ton of them continued in the future and get to play out their adventures across the ship ok


I'm sorry this is embarrassing but :'C HE IS WONDERFUL TO PLAY WITH
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Re: oh look I tried not to spaz and failed so hard

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we're meganerds omg :c I have the same exact face squishing reactions tbh aaahhwaaarghgjlksdklngg

/GOES TO ADD YOU ON PLURK! I will be _burberry!

oh and dont worry about speed because I tend to be on the slower side as well so WE WILL JUST GO SLOW AND STEADY AND LOVINGLY AND WITH ALL DUE GLEE :')
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backtaglocalypse aint no thang

are we also meganerd twins when it comes to Burberry because

I'm not sure how much of this my feeble heart can take!!
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burberry prorsom is one of my favourite :'c I got a bracelet from them for christmas last year ugh just

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hey girl

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hey, girl. i wouldn't let you fall like resnik.

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