handelaar: (BOGO you say)
Nederland ([personal profile] handelaar) wrote 2012-08-22 05:21 am (UTC)

oh look I tried not to spaz and failed so hard

HOPE I DON'T MIND YOU CRAY of course I don't!

Well... the anime is... special yeah don't dig the anime but all of his manga canon and then some is here.

Anyway much much more importantly:

NO I FEEL THE SAME how nerdy is this even, it's like "oh wow DID NOT expect them to click like that, look at them go AHH." Or on another similar note when they are interacting my face is just like "yes, yes this." And... haha yeah I've only seen Inception once a long time ago, so I'm almost as in the dark as you are to Ned in regards to canon authenticity. Well, whatever whatever they're fun.

Anyway the real point is yes I agree WE NEED MORE - if you have a Plurk, mine's tiniestderp and if not just PM. I'm a bit slow but up for all the things /o/

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