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Spit it out.

He probably doesn't care about what you think, but I do. HMD it up!

Anon on, IP off. You know the drill.
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Re: oh look I tried not to spaz and failed so hard

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we're meganerds omg :c I have the same exact face squishing reactions tbh aaahhwaaarghgjlksdklngg

/GOES TO ADD YOU ON PLURK! I will be _burberry!

oh and dont worry about speed because I tend to be on the slower side as well so WE WILL JUST GO SLOW AND STEADY AND LOVINGLY AND WITH ALL DUE GLEE :')
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backtaglocalypse aint no thang

are we also meganerd twins when it comes to Burberry because

I'm not sure how much of this my feeble heart can take!!
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burberry prorsom is one of my favourite :'c I got a bracelet from them for christmas last year ugh just