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[It's easier to let go.

[...Except that the easy way is not her nature. In fact, nothing has ever come "easy" the moment Rey woke up in that morgue -- or before that.

[So it's a struggle, even now, to dial the number, punch the line, hit SEND because her only alternative is to put an end to it and self destruct. And, for some reason, she can't seem to do the latter herself.]

Requesting assistance.

[She could call someone else. Anyone else. But he's the only one she knows of that won't tread lightly.]
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[For now, it's a struggle just to stay lucid. She's not in her right mind, though if there's ever been a time in which she has been, it'd be nice to know -- but as it stands, it's getting worse. Can't even have a conversation with a person without imagining the various methods the Salamander could cut up their face, slash up red lines, smell and hear and watch them burn.

["If only we could see what fire looks like out in space," a little voice in her head wonders, and it entertains the notion further.

[Rey twitches, nearly dropping the device. This is... what? The early stages of phase four? Has to be.]

...I need someone to put me in a cage. The brig. Anything that can hold me.
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I want to kill something.

[No, that's not right. For as calm and collected as she sounds about it, it isn't right.]

...Or one of us does.
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[Spoilers: No one is ever used to Rey.]


I should warn you -- there is a possibility that I may try and fight.
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