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2020-01-08 06:18 am
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Spit it out.

He probably doesn't care about what you think, but I do. HMD it up!

Anon on, IP off. You know the drill.
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2012-10-02 11:52 pm
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not here.

CAO » 002 » 026

text | voice | video | action
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2012-10-01 04:09 am
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(no subject)

CHARACTERS: attachment issues central club heads of liking your dads and zustertjes a little too much Nederland and Heder
LOCATION: 002 » 026
NOTES: No really that's the best summary I got.

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2012-07-06 01:45 pm

(no subject)

[The tent was old and way too big for just two people, but he'd gotten it years ago for cheap and like hell was he gonna go buy a new one when this one did the job. Well, as long as it didn't rain - from his crouch at the entrance he looked up between the trees - still clear skies, mild weather, and a light evening breeze.

Maybe he should try to find a tarp anyway. The house might be 15 meters away but goddamnit they were camping, and if it rained they were gonna be prepared. He took a moment to stick his head back into the tent, going over all the supplies for the eleventh time... Finally pulled back and stood to light a cigarette, satisfied.]
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2012-06-24 10:21 am

(no subject)


That's... all we see of it, in canon. Thanks canon.


.... Himaruya wait what the fuck is this mansion looking shit why would you give a canon miser a -

o ok it's a castle/1600s mansion with a moat in the back. Of course. idk maybe Netherlands just drifts around the country's manor houses??? Mystery tbd LET'S GO BACK TO THE KITCHEN.

Regardless of whether it's a giant ass not-castle or just a big country house, the house itself is like late-1600s old, though the kitchen, according to Poland, is "fancy". It's probably a weird mix of really up-to-date equipment and really old (but well kept) shit, along with a surprising amount of homey touches and bric-a-brac. And of course indoor plants and flowers. (Look at that very first panel up there, there are like three bunches of flowers in the living room that we can see.)

BASICALLY smash the below together:

he so has copper pots but not an army of them wow

big windows and a fancy stove and wood floors ye

too dark but you get the theme...

make everything light blue and delftware tiles and then we're talking
and get that dishwasher out of here

aw yeah delftware tiles (and delftware china too what a dooooork)

generic albert heijn spices obviously what a cheap ass

bric-a-brac!!! prints of gloomy dutch masterpieces!! legit there's a wall-hanging shelf that's just... gifts and trinkets he's picked up and pictures like these

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2012-05-10 02:18 pm


002 » 026. Completely inconspicuous exterior.

002 » 030 Takeshi Koumoto | ch33rs_too_much
002 » 031 Heather Mason | sweetmotherofgod

It hardly looks like the standard passenger room any longer except for the sterility. One bed, one desk + chair, two dressers. One of the closet interiors was gutted, fitted with a grow lamp and DIY shelving up one side from a spare dresser, and is now used as a mini grow room. Everything is IMMACULATE, with the exception of his rabbit's bed which moves around the room according to Lodewijk's whims, and occasionally some kind of woven grass thing meant to be a chew toy. Seriously there's nothing out of order, nothing under the bed, everything is closed behind a closet door or tucked into a dresser drawer except for the following: The desk has one carved wooden ashtray, which never comes close to achieving its purpose of being full of ash, and one book of poetry on it. High-ish above it is a large sketch of the Dutch countryside (though done in a slightly Japanese style), and below that a small, overcolorful painting by Asato that... well, it tried... beside a few drawings from Takeshi. Nearer to the door but about the same heights on the wall are Mattie's shotgun and his bike below. Because yes it had to be mounted on the wall instead of cluttering up the floor.

While it smells like drum tobacco smoke and bunny, it doesn't smell like an old ashtray or bunny litter. There's an undercurrent of ocean and peat, sometimes, but more often than not it's smoke, fresh bunny, and fresh laundry.

Pretty pictures:

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2012-05-10 01:21 am

home is an echo

CHARACTERS: Ned and Heder
WARNINGS: Sexy bits and things

when one life is over a new one begins )
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2012-04-06 07:36 am

5 + 1 = coffee.

They met in the kitchen, one morning, and neither one noted how odd it was. One end of the hallway versus the other, but they were both here, grabbing mugs and waiting on the coffee and not commenting about how the time according to the ship meant shit compared to their routine back home.


The next time they avoided one another. Hard to do, two huge presences in an empty space, and they managed it out of sheer stubbornness. Flickers of eyes to the counter, to the surroundings, one tidying up something that the other deemed a waste of time and vice versa all over again, until the coffee was ready and another bout of eyes and not-touches came around.

The entire time they were trying to read, and the only thing they gained was that this wasn't working.


The morning before they were supposed to go on shore leave, and silence. There was a thrumming throughout the ship that neither of them could escape and both of them wanted to believe couldn't reach them. Sip of coffee, comment. Another comment, another sip. It was fine.


It wasn't fine and they were both fine with pretending it was. Another morning, another eight cups to sort between them. People were coming and going, people were missing, but every day there were eight cups made and eventually it didn't matter who made them. The only concern was if any was left in the pot the next day.


And one day there was, one day during that jump where he spent almost as much time in Medbay as he did the Gardens. Coffee left that he didn't check on - didn't bother with. Who gave a fuck about coffee when you didn't want to ever wake up.


Another morning where they bitched about who got the last cup, but quiet. Not half-hearted - half the fun was bitching, at this point it was a status check. It wasn't every morning, but even when it wasn't there was after, and coffee that late wouldn't do either of them good, wouldn't help them sleep, but the peace of mind was almost as effective.

This time it was morning and he stopped halfway through a sarcastic volley, just looked up at Russia and sighed through his crooked smile. Told the bastard he could have it and went back, nose first, into his mug. Muttered "progress" and cast about the kitchen before returning, knew Russia would get it even before he heard the hum in reply.
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2012-04-05 02:06 am

(no subject)

Full name:  Nederland.

Age:  Balls old.  Physically late 20's after letting himself get snacked on a little.  Woo age-up.

Birthdate: July 26.

Sign: Leo.  Pffffft.

Height: 6'4" / 193cm.

Weight: 210 lb / 95 kg and ticking up.

Scars: The one on his forehead, a faded bullet scar through his left shoulder, a completely healed but still kind of nasty looking burn scar on the back of his right knee.  New ones down his neck/jaw on his left side where he almost got his face ripped off but ended up "dying" anyway.  Oops.

Piercings: Hello Kitty stud, upper ear.

Tattoos: SCI-002-026 but other than that, no.

Other bodily markings: No.

Build: Dudes he's big.  Or "considerably built" as Himaruya would say (he's called him muscular like three different times it's kind of weird).  Add to that the fact that he's usually standing straight with stupid hair and wearing both jumpsuit and scarf, and he looks even bigger.  Broad chest and shoulders, long arms and legs, narrow hips, probably most notable are that his thighs are a lot bigger than the rest of him with his calves in second place.  Which might change the more he works out and trains because more of that is upper body stuff.  Who knows.  He's been playing football, biking, swimming, and ice skating for ages, and at least has kept up the first two on the Tranq, so for now his thighs are still like "uh whoa dude your thighs" thighs.

Residence: His original room on the ship, 002-026, which hardly looks like the standard passenger room any longer except for the sterility.  One bed, one desk + chair, two dressers.  One of the closet interiors was gutted, fitted with a grow lamp and diy shelving up one side from a spare dresser, and is now used as a mini grow room.  Everything is IMMACULATE, with the exception of his rabbit's bed which moves around the room according to Lodewijk's whims, and occasionally some kind of woven grass thing meant to be a chew toy.  Seriously there's nothing out of order, nothing under the bed, everything is closed behind a closet door or tucked into a dresser drawer except for the following:  The desk has one carved wooden ashtray, which never comes close to achieving its purpose of being full of ash, and one book of poetry on it.  High-ish above it is a large sketch of the Dutch countryside (though done in a slightly Japanese style), and below that a small, overcolorful painting by Asato that... well, it tried... beside a drawing from Takeshi.  Nearer to the door but about the same heights on the wall are Mattie's shotgun and his bike below.  Because yes it had to be mounted on the wall instead of cluttering up the floor.

While it smells like drum tobacco smoke and bunny, it doesn't smell like an old ashtray or bunny litter.  There's an undercurrent of ocean and peat, sometimes.

Occupation: Agriculture.  Occupation is probably an understatement. 

Drinking? Every once in a while.  Mostly if he gets invited to the spacebar and decides to bother, if Russia wants to on the second level, or if he wants to talk to Wichita.  It's pretty rare for him to get drunk.






He has smoked for like 500 years ain't nobody getting him to quit smoking.  Although getting high, well... he does it a lot more often than he used to, and for a stretch he was approaching total pothead levels, but that's settled down.  Maybe once a week, depending on the week.

Other daily habits:
  CLEANING.  Not only does he clean his room obsessively but both the 002 kitchens get cleaned (or looked over, as the case may be for the one on the far end).  He either plays football or trains after work, which means that showering is a daily thing too although not necessarily... soaping... or shampooing.  There is always one-on-one time with his rabbit.

Hair:  Cut shorter on the sides and back, longer on the top, and styled up with hair wax.  Hair wax doesn't get oily or crunchy, really, but it also doesn't wash out easily without shampoo, so a lot of the time the same swipe of wax is there for a few days.  Which means he wakes up with a new and wacky hairstyle most days, and a giant mound of half-curled fluff if he shampoos it and goes to bed after.  Really everyone is lucky he styles it.

Clothes:  BOOOOOOORING.  It's less noticable on the ship where he's either in his jumpsuit, away kit, or underwear, but he only wears like four colors ever - black, blue, brown, and light tan - in whatever style is most practical at the time.  But on the ship?  Jumpsuit is the default, with his scarf and his black knee-high (because Himaruya) military boots thrown on top.  Downtime is either his black away kit, blue t-shirt and football shorts, blue t-shirt and underwear, crew issue t-shirt and underwear, just underwear, or nothing at all.  Depends on his hamper, his give a fucks that day, and if he's going to shower.  Spoilers if he's going to shower he's naked 98% of the time.  And if it's morning his give a fucks are close to nonexistent, though he generally wears underwear to bed.

Scent:  Smoke, of course, but also... The ocean and peat.  Yep.  Country life problems.  It's more noticable when he's sweating or super unshowered, otherwise he smells like a combination of smoke and Tranquility soap + shampoo.

Other notable physical details:  The eye colors in his icons are everywhere because Himaruya refuses to be consistent, oh, ever, but his eyes have been green with gold around the iris often enough that we're going with green with gold around the iris.  Similarly his hair is a very, very light, very ashy brown.  And for working in the Gardens so much he is still on the pale side.  Oh and his tanlines are absolutely ridiculous because the jumpsuit exposes the left forearm but not the right.  Like a British trucker's tan, or something.

Spoken language(s):  Whatever Nations speak, Dutch, Frisian, English, German.  Pretty decent Flemish, French, and Spanish but good luck ever catching him at it.  Enough to get the gist of too many languages to bother myself with listing language sections for nations always get ridiculous.

Voice:   Got it covered.

Cup size/Penis size:   Once a long, long time ago, I took a poll over this on the APH Anon Meme, and out of like 25 responses my favorite was "thick enough to break a donut in half" so I choose you, donut breaker dick.

Anyway in less exciting stories the overall consensus was six inches and on the thicker side and that sounds about right to me.

Body Hair:  Eh, nothing exciting here.  He can grow a decent beard or an especially sweet-ass moustache, always has sideburns going on, but other than that it's what you'd expect.  Dude with hair, but not a hairy dude.

Size BODY TYPE preference:  There that's easier.  He likes young people, usually androgynous and willowy or slender in build.  Height doesn't matter so long as the proportions are like that.  As far as facial features go he likes more feminine or at least delicate features.  Big eyes, smaller noses, narrow chin and jaw.  Definitely no one who looks tough or has a lot of hard lines that aren't balanced out by something else, and that goes for body type too.  Hair should be shiny and grabbable.  Speaking of grabbable - he's not much of a breast guy.  Totally stomach/hip/ass/everything in that region kind of guy.  Dicks... as long as they're not too big for him to blow, basically.  Size isn't much of an issue but missing out on oral sex would upset him.

Sexual preference:   ^^^^^^ that type.  He's a nation.  They're not very concerned with sexual preferences.

Best sexual experience:   Hahaha proooobably something with Heather because he's a sap and a half.  He's had a lot of good sex, and really really hot sex, but as far as meaningful experiences go he's at the shallow end of the dream pool.  If he was given a truth serum and asked the question the first thing out of his mouth would either be the sex they had when she came back or the all-day romp they had when... she came back and Takeshi had jaunted off to medbay for a while.  There is.  A pattern here.

Worst sexual experience:
   Probably some awkward one night stand with a citizen.

  Hold your hats he's monogamous with Miss Mason now.

How often do they have sex?  UH.  WELL.  This jump, it's a lot.  He's got a bad case of the new-couple-let's-fuck-like-rabbits thing going on.  Even though they first hooked up a while ago.  gj ned.

Preferred method of sex:
   Right now?  So, so not picky.  Normally he's bossy as shit, if that's a preference.  Usually wants to include oral sex in some way and doesn't mind if it means they never get around to anything else.  Oh and he finds it hard to get off in total darkness, he starts worrying something will go wrong or someone will get hurt and most of the time it ends with either the lights back on or him totally losing his erection.  Really likes to do it while high, especially if he can schedule it so that there's plenty of time for a nap or round two or both.

Favorite position?  lmao does facesitting count or is that cheating...  Eh, he likes most of them as long as they don't involve a lot of work to get into them in the first place.  Anything that can slide from foreplay to sex is fine by him.  If it takes so long it messes up the groove or you have to whip out a chart for it?  Nope.

  Crew-issue, black.

Number one fantasy:  This is so sappy oh my gosh.  Right now it's a lot of safety and mushiness and family things he's been focused on, smashed with his missing of home and a very deep guilt about liking his role as a Tranq citizen even if he hates the tq itself.  tl;dr normal citizen life as a normal citizen back home and he and Heather get a little too hot and heavy out in public and the worst they have to worry about is getting caught at it.  Or getting caught by Takeshi oh my god.

Sensitive areas:  Ears, his scar, the back of his neck where it meets his back, inner forearms near the wrists, stomach, testicles and not just if you kick them.  Lower back in that it's ticklish.  Kind of his collarbone area, not like the rest though.

No-no places/triggers:   Don't touch his hair.  Just don't.  Also asking about his scars puts a damper on things.

Favorite place to have sex:  If it's Heather, his room.  If it's someone else, their place.  If he had a way to pull it off, the Gardens.

Something they want to try but haven't before:  Oh I just answered that.

Favorite kinks/sex acts:  Public sex, outdoor sex, oral sex.  Marking, now, for sure.  If he didn't think it'd hurt he'd try to leave fingerprints too but pain is definitely not on his kink list.  Sometimes breathplay.  Teasing even if he doesn't realize it.  Jailbait :|  He realizes that one :|

Oooh here we are old entry copy and paste, first tier followed by second tier:

Drug/Alcohol Use




Fighting/Wrestling but nothing hurtful

Cunnilingus (Giving)

Hair Pulling


Scratching, though mostly being scratched

Breath Control

Orgasm Control/Denial Physical Restraints Pleasure Control/Denial




*If he really trusts the person


Anal Sex (Receiving)


Breast/Nipple Play if the other person is into it


Fellatio (Giving)

Rimming (Giving)
Casual sex
Inexperienced Partners
Light/Medium bondage
Dual masturbation
Oral Sex (Receiving)
Sex Toys 
Gags *  

Sleep naked or in pajamas?  Just underwear 75% of the time.

Masturbation:   Before he goes to bed, most days. 

Toys y/n?  Y, surprisingly enough.  Even if he hates shelling out he's into novelty and efficiency, and hey, if a toy can do the job better than he can (or at least move things along) then he's for it.

Turn-ons:  Scroll up, think we've got that covered.

What was their first time like?  With a citizen, it was a woman at some port of call while he was busy sailing around the world discovering shit taking names blah blah.  As funny as it would be to say he got an std and died, it was just... alright.  Of course that's looking back on it.  At the time it was awesome living through puberty for centuries sucks ass and for a while after that he tried to pick up someone at every port of call.

And then he got an std and died.

Also his first nation was France :D  He's taking that one to the grave :D

After-sex habits:   Throw away condom.  Smoke.  Sometimes shoot off some more lighthearted conversation, sometimes change the sheets, sometimes cuddle.  On the rare occassion he just conks right out afterward.

Anything else?  NO I'M SLEEPY.


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2012-03-31 06:39 am
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(no subject)

CHARACTERS: Heather Mason, Netherlands.
LOCATION: Ned's room.
WARNINGS: Boozy sex and sexy booze.
SUMMARY: This one time, Kitten instigated a hookup.
NOTES: Can't even remember why we moved it over here, pfft.

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2012-03-28 02:50 am






above 1m

between 0m and 1m

below sea level



lost at sea

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2012-03-20 05:08 pm
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Tall old combat boots
White belted manpurse thing what is that
Generic leather wallet
- 30 Euro
- Government ID (with the name Piet de Vries or something similarly mundane)
- OV Chipkaart
- Picture of his rabbit
Hair wax
Poetry books
Loose tobacco
- smoked

Cheap lighter
- seeds planted
- some sold to Rey

Japan's painting of the Dutch countryside

Two huge tins of tobacco
- seeds planted
Rolling papers
- used
Blue t-shirt
Grow lamp

Paintbrushes made out whittled sticks from the oxygen gardens + his and Asato's hair post-haircut weirdos

Lodewijk [rabbit]
Harness and lead
Timothy hay seeds
Potting soil
Rabbit food
Litter box
Oil paints
5 small canvases
- one used by Asato
- one painted on + given to Asato
- one painted on + given to Josias

Extra blankets for Lodewijk

Asato's painting

Wheatley's dresser

Space hairdryer

Strela hair wax
and hair gel
and aftershave
seed packets
nails, screws, hammer

Dutch Away Kit:
Black jersey and shorts
socks, shinguards, indoor cleats
Euro 2012 scorecard
Regulation football

Regency Attire:
Three cape coachman's coat
Light trench
Cravat and neckcloth
Two shirts
Two waistcoats, one double- and one single-breasted
Bottle of Laudanum
- half filled
- STOLEN by Irene
1850's Belgian pistol with six bullets
Shiny new scar on his neck/jaw
- taken by Irene
- still MIA (somewhere on the far end of the first level)

Hello Kitty stud in left upper ear
no really
it's the Hello Goddamn Kitty in a tiny hole in his head
thanks Japan

Deck of cards

Five baby chicks
- now chickens
- minus two
- one given to Daphne

Rome's longsword
Two tunics
Toga virilis
Sword belt with apron
Hobnailed caligae (too small)
Bronze muscle cuirass
Two greaves
Soldier's cloak

Mattie's shotgun
and survival gear
and floppy felt hat :c

Rotted herring
- eaten by chickens
26 tulips
- 20 given to Heather
16 Miffy books
1 Newspaper article about the Queen's abdication

2 new jumpsuits cut larger than his old one
The dried roses he gave Kirk

- consumed

Fancy Cyllene Clothing
Three (3) expensive t-shirts that mostly fit
Two (2) dress shirts that mostly fit
- one dress shirt traded on Arima
One (1) pair of slacks
Scrap paper
Hair wax any and all hair wax or close substitutes
Plus hair scissors
Aftershave because it smelled nice
Fancy space drugs
Three (3) carefully chosen beers
One lager
One dubbel
- consumed
One pilsener
So much canned fish don't look at him
Some kind of swanky penetrative sex toy
- wrapped in a clothing item that was airlocked after or something
Two bars of chocolate :c
- consumed

Wooden bunny carvings from Jaye

Asato's sword
Bardo's sword

A ton of Russia's clothing:
One WWI military uniform
tan military coat
dark green trousers
dark brown tall boots
One set of traditional folk clothes
Kosovorotka styled shirt
"Porty" styled trousers
Sitva overshirt
one sash-belt
One WWI era Imperial Infantry Officer Uniform
navy blue greatcoat
white kitel
dark green breeches
two pairs of undergarments
two pairs of socks
black long boots
visor hat bearing romanov double headed eagle insignia
two khaki shoulder straps
brown Sam Browne type harness
pistol holder
sword and harness

Spare lighters
Half pack of shitty Russian cigarettes
TT30 pistol
pistol rounds

Belarus's knife
Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl in a bottle

A fuckton of Takeshi's drawings

Chocolate from Daphne
Camera from Daphne

One grungy black overcoat with a zillion pockets
One grungy dark blue turtleneck
One grungy dark spacehoodie-cowl-neck-thing
One rooster named Acorn

Wheatley's AK-47
Ammo for AK-47's :|
Ammo for normal people guns
A normal people gun
A too-small flannel shirt
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2012-02-24 02:17 pm

no sound

CHARACTERS: these two
LOCATION: Ned's room
WARNINGS: is pegging a warning or an enticement though
SUMMARY: buttsex :D
NOTES: look sometimes a dude steals fancy sex toys from a hellship and wants his tiny girlfriend to screw him silly with them

with speakers blown )
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2012-02-11 03:10 pm


1. We grow your produce. Order here. We'll deliver it to the passenger decks. Don't fuck with the department's section.
1a. If you take food anyway, write it down there. Inventory.
1b. If you fuck up something else, tell SEC or Agriculture.

2. There's a community garden to the left of the entrance. There are signs. Don't fuck with the department's section.

3. Don't bother the animals. Any animals. They're not your animals.
3a. If it is your animal tell us. Before there's a situation.

4. Don't smoke near the chemical storage, filtration systems, or ventilation systems.

5. Sign up to work here.

6. If you have questions, ask someone before you do something stupid. List is above.
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2012-02-05 06:02 pm

002 » 026

[...is he even here? Might want to check the Gardens first.]

[ooc: actionspam ic contact for anywhere on 002. be warned that he won't let you into his room unless you're one of a handful of people or were invited, and is unlikely to be around unless it's very late or very early. he will, however, meet anyone in 002 » 195, Topher's old stripped down husk of a room

also here is some tl;dr about his room. and pictures. ooo fancy.]
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2012-01-31 08:32 am

(no subject)

[The feed opens with a glimpse of sunflowers, an ashtray - contents still smoking - and a couch, before two hands darken the view. By the time the video adjusts to their removal Netherlands is already flopped back on Russia's couch, wearing his football uniform and lightly leaning against the other nation's shoulder. He's too boneless to be sober but not so fucked up that he looks anything but his usual cross between bored and overly serious.]

There aren't any history books here. From Earth.

[Russia’s letting Netherlands take care of the speaking this time, a bit amused that despite how nosy he is he hadn’t managed to realize that there weren’t any history books in the Media Library, or rather, that he hadn’t visited that particular bit of the ship in the entire time they’ve been here. So he just sits back and rucks a hand through his hair, relaxes.]

Not much of anything from Earth. [Idly, he reaches up and straightens the scarf about his neck, smoothes the lapels on his uniform.]

Thought America said it was after Earth, [Netherlands mutters it, more of an aside to Russia, before he returns his attention back to the video.] We can write some of it, if there’s a way to write - media books.

[What the hell are those things.]

As far as he knew. [Russia rolls his eyes and murmurs, follows Netherlands’ gaze over to the video, nods a bit.] Not going to write it all though, too much shit to deal with.

[That gets a flick of Netherlands’ eyes to the ceiling in return, before he settles further back into the cushions and continues.]

So we’re taking requests, then.

[Not actually a question. They’re now taking requests.]

Can do some right now... Not doing anything else. Nothing before - [a flicker of a look between Russia and the feed] - 1900. Unless you want us to write it. Later.
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2012-01-29 05:58 am

it's a violet way we have

CHARACTERS: Russia, Netherlands
LOCATION: 002 » 183
SUMMARY: Insomnia's a bitch.

even when we smile )