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[...is he even here? Might want to check the Gardens first.]

[ooc: actionspam ic contact for anywhere on 002. be warned that he won't let you into his room unless you're one of a handful of people or were invited, and is unlikely to be around unless it's very late or very early. he will, however, meet anyone in 002 » 195, Topher's old stripped down husk of a room

also here is some tl;dr about his room. and pictures. ooo fancy.]
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Rey doesn't go home leaving the med bay. She doesn't have a home, or even a room she's willing to go back to. She's just camped outside of Netherlands' room instead. Because hey, it's not like she has anywhere else to go.

She'll just sit here for awhile.


Is he even there? Good question! But she figures if he's out, he'll have to come back here eventually. If he's inside, then he'll have to leave some time to go to the restroom or eat, or make the next jump. Besides, Rey can be as patient as a spider when it comes to stakeouts, and this is no different than that.

By the time Netherlands does come around (wherever he may be) she'll be sitting on the floor, back propped against the wall of the opposite side of his room. Asleep. With a small supply of beer among pile of wrappers from protein bars scattered at her side. It'd almost be cute if she wasn't kind of a killer.
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It's good. Rey has all the time in the world. Fortunately she doesn't have to wait as long as that.

Rey is not a heavy sleeper. She wakes up at the sound of a pin dropping. When the door opens and she hears the sound of bare feet, she is wide awake. She is also completely deadpan by Netherlands' state of undress.

Do men just do this regularly, or does this just say something about the kind of people Rey associates with...?

"Better?" Rey asks in her usual fragmented phrasing. Perhaps it would help if she specified her concerns regarding the message he had sent to her while she had been "underground".

But that would require social effort.
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Luck is neither here nor there with her -- it didn't matter to her whether he was in his underwear, stark naked, or wearing a goddamn fursuit. Appearances didn't mean much to Rey.

Although it would be rather inconvenient if one were attacked while they weren't properly equipped for that sort of thing.

Yes these are her concerns.

"You." She pauses, and looks up at him. "You called me."
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"Didn't want to disturb you until you were ready."


In Rey's defense, she thought Ned seemed stressed, what with throwing his communicator (plus expletives).
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For a moment, Rey just stares at the hand Netherlands has offered to her. Rey doesn't get déjà vu; she gets flashes of images that have already happened. And right now she's staring at a corpse holding its hand out as the world around them is on fire. If she doesn't move, the corpse will take her.

Then it's gone again.



Rey shakes her head, and pushes herself off of the ground. Knowing her, she'd probably only wind up taking Netherlands down with her.

Once she's standing, she glances at his appearances. "Like that?"

It's not that she cares how under-dressed a person is, it's more like...

Well, it's impractical.
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Did she just offend him?

Rey figures she must have, judging by the visual clues he's left her. She can only imagine why, since he looks like he needs help more than she does.

Of course, she was the one who just recently crawled out of the medbay, only to be here and surrounded by what looks to be the prelude to Hangover City. But Rey has never been hungover before, only ever mildly inconvenienced with a slight headache. Nothing to get worked up over.

But coffee.

She can't tell whether that grunt was supposed to be a sign to come along or to buzz off. Rey takes it however she wants and goes to follow him anyway without uttering a word.

Words suck, anyway.
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"And bitten."

As if that was supposed to make anyone feel better. Then again, Netherlands didn't ask for some kind of feel-good reply and Rey is hardly the person to go to for delivery on such things.

But her arm is still pretty messed up, and the right sleeve of her jumpsuit had been ripped off completely when she had been in the process of tending to it. It's also the only other piece of non-fancy clothing that she currently owns, hence the tattered state of her attire.

"Been hit worse." Again, don't go to Rey for comfort. She won't be able to provide.
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Rey has at lead one advantage over the average person -- pain doesn't bother her as much. Suppose it came from dying after so many times and in so many gruesome ways that it starts to become less shocking. Doesn't mean she enjoys it though, so she didn't need to get told what to do.

"Just got out." She crosses her arms, noticing that Netherlands has also taken note of them, and the fresh marks that has since healed over.
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Lucky for him, Rey doesn't require the presence of constant discussion to occupy her mind. She did a fine job of that herself with all the things going on in her head.

Though she does grace him with a tired look at that reply. "You are not my keeper." She retorts flatly, but not annoyed (even if some small part of her may feel that way). "It is not necessary for you to check on me."

Honestly, she doesn't know why he would.

She doesn't know why anyone would, not without reasons.
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There is something wrong with him. The fact that someone like Rey can take notice of that is a bad sign.

Or maybe it's good, she doesn't know. Not everyone is meant to hide whatever ails them, right? That's what her father would have said, perhaps.

"How?" With Rey it's always the most absurd questions.
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Makes sense. In a way that wouldn't make sense to a normal person, that is. But even Rey can stretch her own limits to think outside of the box every now and then.

"I see." Kind of. Not really. Brownie points for trying, though. "I suppose I can relate."

After all, she's here right now for the same reason, she's fairly certain.