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[Nope, nothin' in Church, and the face she pulls should demonstrate that. Their plans for her hadn't exactly involved studying Classics. Or studying much of anything, really. Still, he zips past the subject quickly enough, and she tries not to appreciate that too much. He's probably just keen to get to the point.]

Gotta be better than speaking it like me, right? Least there's be some fucking culture to it.

[Yes, that is Heather for "thank you, that's very kind".]
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[It's the first time she's seen him looking confused without a healthy side of anger over the fact, but that doesn't stop her from huffing a little laugh and shaking her head. Not if she could speak it properly, not if she could speak it like a scholar - no, it'd be better if she spoke Latin like Rome. The man does nothing by halves, and that really shouldn't surprise her at all anymore.]

Well, Rome shows up, you let me know. In the meantime I guess I'll make do.