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[THREE DAYS LATER, after being thoroughly annoyed with you and sleeping for what feels like a week straight (close enough, right?), Alex has done some thinking. Not really for Ned's behalf, but still, thinking. He's had way too much time aboard the ship for it. Heather worked in the gardens, right? If she's still... missing... then she'll need someone to help fill in for her. And Murphy works there, too. He'll be out of commission for a few days (maybe longer, probably longer, how well does the medical stuff work here again? he doesn't know), so stuff might lag, right?


i'll help in the gardens for a little while. long as you don't beat me up, dont need any 'pay' or anything

but 006 » 073 could really use some weed right about now

[It might be because he thinks the image is funny, or it might be because he legitimately thinks Murphy needs it. In fact, it's a little bit of both.]
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[paranoid, me? paranoid? it's not like you've showed any aggression before! my paranoia is so unfounded.]

He's a good friend of mine who got jacked up way worse than what I came back with. he'd need it, trust me. something to make him not wanna get up and go work when he's punched fulla holes and supposed to be in bed anyway.
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leave a warning note for him pinned to it, then.

what kind of help are you needing at the gardens?


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[... Thought so.]

alright, I can start now then

point me where you need me and I'll help get stuff done
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think so, yeah

why exactly are you going to get kicked out?
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... alright then. i'll keep my mouth shut around him.

I can be there whenever you're ready.
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you write like crap

I'll be on my way right now

[just ecstatic, thanks]
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