handelaar: (this tea is bitter)
Nederland ([personal profile] handelaar) wrote 2012-10-08 08:44 am (UTC)


[His communicator goes off and first thing he does is attempt to stifle the sound. Second thing he does is glance around wildly, like the Myfanwy might swoop down and attack him upon hearing a chime - but he's actually just making sure Josias isn't around, because, uh. Technically he's not supposed to be back to work, yet.

"Beat me up"? Jeez, what a paranoid kid, and he nearly shoots that back before he changes his mind and deletes it. Hey, if it gets him free labor he's not going to correct that assumption.

The weed thing, though, has him frowning. He knows that can't be Alex's number, but it also seems vaguely familiar.]

You trying to set me up, or what

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